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Examples of how we can help you help our planet

Foodsteps offers businesses and institutions an accurate assessment of their environmental impacts, workable options to reduce these impacts and the opportunity to stand out as environmental leaders in their field.

We can calculate the carbon footprint, land use, water use and pollution of items and menus, and devise evidence-driven strategies to help develop and refine environmental targets, demonstrate progress, and communicate green strategies to customers.

Environmental Footprint Calculations

We provide calculations of the carbon footprint, pollution, land use and water use of catering menus and food products using the most up-to-date Life Cycle Assessment data for food items and recipes.

We also have our own extensive database of the environmental impacts of common recipes and food items, which we can offer to help you fill in the gaps.

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Sustainability Solutions

We help our partners meet specific environmental commitments, or to develop clear targets to guide environmental footprint reductions.

Our solutions are tailored to the location, supply system and finances of each individual business or institution. We also conduct periodic monitoring to ensure sustainability strategies are on track to succeed.

Our work can help feed into green marketing campaigns, and we support our partners in developing clear sustainability messages around the food they serve.

Menu and Product Labelling

Our footprint calculations can be used for environmental impact labelling on menus and food products.

This can be a great way to showcase your engagement with sustainability issues, and offer everyone the opportunity to learn more about the impacts of different foods.

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Talks & Sustainability Engagement

We offer a range of sustainability engagement tools, from awards for your most sustainable dishes to talks we give to catering teams and institution on the latest in food sustainability research.

Our missions is to engage as many people as possible in the benefits of sustainable eating, and we're always open to new and inventive ways of doing this.